The Company in your hands
A brief description of the "The Company in your hands” model created by Teamworkcenter (Copyright 1997).

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The “The Company in your hand” model aims to share a comprehensive and a cross-function knowledge of the principal flows within a company. It allows to train on the tasks, activities, processes, functions, areas and departments of any organization to optimize the integration of team members.

Image: Arxiu Teamwork Center
"The Company in your hands" identifies five flows that are key to the success at any firm. Each flow may be more or less relevant to a company, but all five are essential and therefore it must be managed with more or less intensity.

“The Company in your hands” model is applicable to any type of business organization and it especially useful for evaluating the development of new products and services, innovation, or analyze the competitive advantages an organization.


Through the "The Company in your hands" model symbolized by the palm presents the five key flows to be considered to create, lead and manage an organization.

The learning system is based on a symbolic analogy comparing the five training modules flows with a hand, and specifically with the five fingers.

“The Company in your hands” is divided into 5 modules or flows, which are presented by each of the fingers. For each finger discusses the tasks, activities, processes, departments and areas involved.

The index finger (pointer finger), corresponds to the physical flow of products (or services), and refers to the functions of production and logistics.

The middle finger (middle finger or cordial), corresponds to the flow of relationships, and refers to the function of marketing, sales and retail distribution.

The ring finger corresponds with the flow of money, and refers to the functions of administration, accounting and finance.

The little finger corresponds to the flow of information, and refers to the roles of information technology and communication.

The thumb (toe) corresponds to the flow of people, and refers to the human resources functions.

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