A brief description of the "Innovuction” model created by Teamworkcenter (Copyright 1996).

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“Innovuction” model is a management system that helps to drive innovation in the enterprise.

“Innovuction” model is based on a culture of teamwork and collaboration to achieve success in the market for the product or service, achieving distinct competitive advantages.

"Innovuction" model is a learning system that helps to integrate two basic concepts: prodUCTION of INNOVation.

“Innovuction” model provides a learning system to share common vision and to help to work together, as a team, and to collaborate to produce innovation.

“Innovuction" model identifies the production of innovation as a systematic process that any company has the need to practice periodically in order t adapt to the changing and competitive market.

“Innovuction” model contributes to a better knowledge of the different areas of a firm. Usually, there are physical or mental walls between departments that are generating different languages, goals, commitments and needs.

Image: Arxiu Teamwork Center

The management system is based on a symbolic analogy that integrates a light bulb, a hand and a human tower.

Innovuction model is divided into three parts, and the novelty is the bulb, which has two major parts: the light and the screw.

Innovuction model includes “Teamwork Tower” model and “The Company in your hands” model.

"Teamwork Tower” model provides the culture necessary to produce synergies and achieve ambitious goals through teamwork.

“The Company in your hands” provides the flow analysis tools that identify the need to integrate and have a cross-functional vision.

Innovuction combines the design (co-conception) and the execution (co-production). The bulb, with its two parts, the light and the screw incorporates symbolic analogy to realize the two phases required for any production of innovation or Innovuction.

First, the light part refers to the generation of the idea. A concept created in a collaborative culture of teamwork. This first part, identifies the collaborative design or co-design, which includes the use of creative techniques to solve problems, generate new ideas and concepts, and called co-conception.

Second, the screw refers to the need to incorporate innovation in the firm, and therefore need to screw this new project to the daily business. This requires an organizational effort. This second phase of production also requires collaboration to run and manage the innovation in the company. This phase is called “Co-production”.

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