Our mission
European Teamwork Center (hereinafter Teamworkcenter), was established in 1996 "The European Year of Training and Education". Our institutional mission is "learn to work together, as a team and to innovate” by training professionals to ignite teamwork and innovation in their organizations.

Teamworkcenter believes that training should focus on enhancing the skills of the person, since people are the organization's strategic weapon. Consequently, training to promote teamwork and innovation is our reason for being.

Teamworkcenter works with three fundamental points that allow you to define five areas for action and to develop innovative methods of teaching and management.

Teamworkcenter considers that training should be focused on improving the person, and the methodological process is based on:

1) The three fundamentals.
2) The five areas for action
3) The innovative pedagogical models
4) Training programs

..."learn to work together, as a team and to innovate"...
..."our mission"...
Our models are considering the existence of three fundamental axes that determine the potential training of people:

1. Human Factor Axis (Person-Team): is the axis that brings the vision of the person as an individual, his character, his temperament and expertise, which must be integrated into a group in order to create a high-performance team.

2. Management Vision Axis (Enterprise-Sector): is the axis that brings the entrepreneurial vision and the productivity of any activity. The axis combines global and focused vision, the vision of specialization required by all economic activity.

3. Competitive Advantage Axis (Innovation-Teamwork): is the axis that brings the vision of innovation management and strategic business process. Innovation management is based on a culture of teamwork and open-minded management and active cooperation at different levels: individual, team, organization and community.

The five areas of action of Teamworkcenter are:

Person: the person's motivation is a basic element, and self-knowledge is the key, namely the "value of the self" is important, and a mentoring role is essential. The model “Egovalue" and “Biomanager: the bionomic manager” allows an approach and improved self-awareness that we all need to interact with other partners.

Teamwork: The company is a group of people who have to work together to achieve goals. The pedagogical model "Teamwork Tower" facilitates the learning process and techniques useful for all members of the organization.

Company: the training must contribute to enterprise development through knowledge of the various functions and departments that comprise it. Everyone needs to have an overview and an integrated vision. The model “The Company in your hands” provides the knowledge and understanding of the flows and structures of an organization.

Innovation: It is a core strategic element, and it is necessary to encourage and promote the company as the basis for the survival of any organization. Therefore, we must train people with the aim of achieving and generate new proposals that will maintain the competitive edge over competitors. The models “Innovuction” and “Co-innovation” help to ignite this important business challenge.

Sector: the economic world is very wide, and for this reason Teamworkcenter focuses on the service sector and specifically in the area of Non-profit organizations, tourism and agri-food sector, such as the Wine Tourism. A better understanding of the world of services allows to create, understand and manage the production of services or “Servuction”. The management, organization and marketing are required content. An example is the development of the servuctions in the Agri-food Tourism. In the field of Tourism, Teamworkcenter has created a pedagogical model called "Alimentourism (FoodTourism)” and a pioneering course on "Management of Alimentourism”.

These five areas of actions combined generates the seven training models and an offering a wide range of training courses in different formats: blended, customized and online through Teamworkcenter Online platform.

(Human Factor Axis)
(Human Factor Axis)
(Competitive Advantage Axis)
(Management Vision
(Competitive Advantage Axis)
(Management Vision Axis)

Learning & Mgmt System:

Biomanager: the bionomic manager
Learning & Mgmt System:
The Teamwork Tower
Learning & Mgmt System:
The Company in
your hands
Learning & Mgmt System:

Learning & Mgmt System:

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