In-house Training & Workshops
“Learn to work together, as a team and to innovate, Our mission” IN COMPANY TEAMWORK

Teamworkcenter can help you to increase the skills and responsiveness of your people on teamwork and innovation.

The programs can be delivered in-house or off-site (like hotels or chamber of commerce), they can be open or closed, and co-organized by one or more institutions, associations or companies. From 2-hour sessions in seminar format (2-4 hours) and a day seminar format (4-6 hours) to a medium-duration programs (6 to 40 hours) that can be delivered at the headquarter of the company or any other outside location.

These programs differ from the standard offer, because are designed and adjusted according to the needs of the company. This personalized training contents, and our pedagogical methodology helps to understand the unique characteristics of any demand.

The customized training has many advantages for companies, entities and non-profit organizations
  • The company identifies the important and unique elements to be included and amplified during the training
  • The training can be in-house, blended or online, and therefore is flexible and adaptable in content, duration and time
  • Practical training is based on the Teamworkcenter unique teaching method that allows rapid implementation in daily business life
  • Setting the aims of training, identifying the most appropriate training modules for each organization
  • Can be done in the same location of the company, avoiding inconvenient and unnecessary movements of the participants
IN COMPANY TEAMWORK programs are budgeted according to the specific contents that are agreed prior to the completion of the training activity. Attendees receive a Certificate of Training Program performed.

Businesses, institutions and other organizations seeking to train a group of people during a meeting, or at the headquarter, or online, can contact via email.

For more information on how Teamworkcenter can help your people to learn to work together, as a team, and to innovate, complete the details of the contact form, and we will contact you soon to discuss your particular needs, and receive a quote customized to the type of training and other organizational details of the training programs.

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